A Change of pace from the Electronic – Breaking a sweat the fun way


A slight deviation from our usual posts, this article looks at human powered kick scooting.

Having incorporated the MyWay electric scooter into my daily routine over the past year, I am no longer walking to the train/bus and e-scooting most of my way to wherever I need to be. While E-Scooters have been a godsend to me in making transport a lot more comfortable and pleasant in hot and humid Singapore, I realised that my overall level of physical activity had decreased.

I concluded that it was time to mix things up and ensure my fitness and health was kept at a ideal level. While considering the options of jogging or cycling, I realised I had overlooked my favourite gadget and it’s ability to not only provide convenience, but be a fantastic fitness tool as well.

Kick Scooting versus Jogging or Cycling
For starters, check out the graph below to see how scooting stacks up against the usual means of exercise.

CaloriesReference: http://www.iksaworld.com, http://www.kickscootersydney.com.au/sites/default/files/calorie-poster-ENGLISH-a4.pdf

Please note that this is using an assumed typical speed an individual will be traveling at on average and may not be entirely accurate.

Additional benefits include reduced injuries compared to other forms of exercise, such as joint pains that may be experienced when jogging.

While kick scooting and using an electric scooter can be quite a different experience, the essence of the ride is maintained – allowing me to enjoy my ride be it for leisure or exercise.

I have since been using a GoPed for the past month and am pretty satisfied with the workout I have gotten. I have even been using it to go to work over the MyWay once in a while.

If you don’t have a kick-scooter, you can always use your electric scooter as long as it is using a Hub Motor (IE the MyWay, GoBoard or Zoom Air). Of course, you will experience a little more resistance when comparing to a normal kick scooter.

If you are looking to get a kick scooter, do get a good one with high quality bearings and a solid frame, such as the GoPed (pictured below) which also uses 6 inch soft rubber wheels really makes it the smoothest riding kick scooter.

GoPed KnowPed
The GoPed is available in two variants at Falcon PEV.

Remember to mix up your habits once in a while and kick scoot!

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