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Spare Parts

Fiido Motor 12 inch High Speed Motor

$280.00 SGD

12 inch High Speed Hub Motor for Fiido

All-Terrain (Urban Off-Road) Tires For Zero 10X/11X Do you find your tires puncturing too often on...


Zero Electric Scooter Seat Post

$95.00 SGD

ZERO Adjustable Seat Post for all models 8, 9, 10, 10X Full set ZERO e-scooter seat...

Sp Battery

ZERO VSETT 52V 4A Fast Charger

$88.00 SGD

ZERO VSETT 52V 4A Fast Charger *For export purposes only. Not available for Singapore use 4A...

Want to get more distance per charge from your ZERO 10X electric scooter? We now have an...

Sold Out

Electric Scooter Toddler Seat

$150.00 SGD

Child seat accessory attachment for electric scooter Fits all Inokim Quick or any speedway scooter. Recommended for...


Titanium Handlebar 690 mm

$150.00 SGD

TITANIUM HANDLE BAR 690mm Shed weight and increase comfort with the latest edition of handlebar made...

680mm Mountain Bike Handlebars Widen your electric scooter handlebars to a comfortable width with this economical...


Wuxing Electric Bike Throttle

$8.00 SGD

Wuxing Finger/Thumb Throttle for E-Bike and E-Scooters

Battery Upgrade for Ninebot By Segway ES2 Want to get more distance per charge from your...