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Sp Battery

BMS Package for ZERO Batteries

$75.00 SGD

BMS for ZERO Scooter Batteries Comprehensive Battery Management System package for ZERO battery.   Over-charge and over-discharge...

Spare Parts

ZERO 10X Front wheel hub

$128.00 SGD

ZERO 10X Front Wheel Hub ZERO 10X hollow (empty) front wheel hub to convert a dual wheel...

Spare Parts

ZERO Electric Scooter Motor Cable

$28.00 SGD

ZERO Motor Cable ZERO 9 motor cable is different so do order carefully. The ZERO 9...


ZERO Electric Scooters External Battery

$820.00 SGD $899.00 SGD

External Parallel Battery Setup Double your range with our ZERO 8, 9, 10, 10X and 11X...

Spare Parts

ZERO Motor Rim Cover

$20.00 SGD

Replacement Rim for the Zero 9, Zero 10 and Zero 10X in case they get damage...

Spare Parts

ZERO 11X 72V 1.5A Charger

$85.00 SGD

ZERO 11X Charger ZERO 11X 72V 1.5A Charger

ZERO 11X Spring coil hydraulic Suspension 175mm eye to eye. Front and Rear suspension are the...

Spare Parts

ZERO 11X 11x3 inch Tube

$15.00 SGD

ZERO 11X Tube 11 x 3 inch inner tube

11 inch x 3 inch Tires for ZERO 11X ZERO 11X Tire: 11 x 3.0 inches racing,...

Spare Parts

ZERO 11X Controller

$120.00 SGD

ZERO 11X 72V 45A Controller

Sp Battery

ZERO 11X 72V Battery

$1,140.00 SGD

ZERO 11X 72V 26Ah and 32Ah Battery (LG)

Spare Parts

ZERO 11X 11 inch 72V 1600W Motor

$360.00 SGD

72V 1600W Motor (without tyre and tube) for Zero 11X

Sports Carbon Fiber Mudguard The long awaited ZERO 8/9 Custom Carbon Fibre fender / mudguard is...

NOTE: Our honeycomb tires are custom made specific to ZERO 9 and Inokim Light rim sizes....

Spare Parts

ZERO 8X Front Controller

$85.00 SGD

ZERO 8X 52V Front Controller

Spare Parts

10 inch 1200W Motor for ZERO 10X

$175.00 SGD

10-inch Motor 1000W/1200W for ZERO 10X

Showing 1 - 16 of 175 results