Electric Scooter and E-Bike Specialist

Established in 2013, Falcon PEV is an e-mobility pioneer based in Singapore providing commuters with the highest quality electric scooters, electric bicycles and original spare parts.

We invented the term PEV.
We love the sound of the electric hum.
We gave freedom back to the people.
We are THE original electric mobility ambassadors.


ZERO 10X -- 2 Wheel Drive E-Scooter

from $1,900.00 SGD

ZERO 8X Electric Scooter

from $1,999.00 SGD


from $3,500.00 SGD

ZERO 8 Value E-Scooter

$799.00 SGD from $699.00 SGD

ZERO 9 E-Scooter

$999.00 SGD

ZERO 10 E-Scooter

$1,650.00 SGD $1,450.00 SGD

Fiido Seated Electric Scooter UL2272

$899.00 SGD from $750.00 SGD

Inokim Light 2 E-Scooter

$1,349.00 SGD from $850.00 SGD

Inokim OX and OXO

$1,800.00 SGD from $1,590.00 SGD

INOKIM Mini 2 E-Scooter

$849.00 SGD $699.00 SGD

Ninebot by Segway MAX E-Scooter UL2272

$1,099.00 SGD $850.00 SGD

Kobra Seated E-Scooter

$1,399.00 SGD from $899.00 SGD

Electric Bikes

See all


$1,288.00 SGD $1,188.00 SGD


$1,388.00 SGD

EPIQUE City E-Bike (For export only)

$1,499.00 SGD from $599.00 SGD

Kobra Seated E-Scooter

$1,399.00 SGD from $899.00 SGD

MINIMOTORS Tempo 10AH E-Scooter with Seat

$988.00 SGD from $750.00 SGD

DYU Seated E-Scooter

$999.00 SGD from $599.00 SGD

Fiido Seated Electric Scooter UL2272

$899.00 SGD from $750.00 SGD


Electric Scooter Maintenance

Just like a car or any motor vehicle, electric scooters similarly require maintenance. The recommended maintenance cycle should be done every 4-6 months. Do inquire about our inhouse service and maintenance package.


Brushless motors popular in Inokim Quick and IMAX S1+ will require cleaning and lurbication. Dust and dirt typically accumulates inside the motor and requires a disassembly to clean out the dust and dirt.



Most electric scooter tires need to be changed after one year or roughly 1500km. Unlike car tires, which can last for 50,000km or more, electric scooter tires are not built that durably given its small size.

Best in Class: INOKIM Quick 3

The INOKIM Quick 3 strikes the perfect balance of ruggedness with 10x2.5 inch pneumatic tyres, comfortable large standing deck, and lightweight enough to carry around at 14.5kg. Add a seat make it a more comfortable electric scooter ride! 

Lightest E-Scooter: ZERO 2.0

The carbon fiber ZERO 2.0 is the lightest electric scooter at only 6.3 KG. The ZERO 2.0 is the World's first modularly designed electric scooter with a beautiful carbon fiber frame design, making it hugely popular for the last mile commuter looking to bring it up the train. Read CNET's review of the ZERO 2.0. 

Best Value: E-TWOW Booster Plus

The E-TWOW Booster Plus is lightweight, portable yet powerful. The Booster Plus, despite its upgrades and improvements from older E-TWOW version, is going for the same low price as the Zoom Air 2. Read the review of the ETWOW Booster Plus vs Zoom Air 2.

Best Electric Scooter with Seat: Stigo

Too tired to stand up during the long journeys on an electric scooter? Our Stigo is the most portable and fastest folding electric scooter with an integrated seat design. Read CNET's review of the Stigo

Best Foldable Electric Bike: EPIQUE City E-Bike

The 2017 EPIQUE City E-Bike is a foldable pedal-assist electric bike like no other. The EPIQUE is comfortable, sporty and lightweight (only 14kg), folds up compactly and allows the rider to push onto the train easily. Equipped with a 250W high-torque geared brushless motor, the EPIQUE City boasts a slope climbing ability of 30 degrees.