GrabFood Delivery Earning

How Much Can GrabFood Delivery Earn in Singapore?

Given the current world status brought by the coronavirus pandemic, people now prefer to get almost anything delivered to their doorstep rather than going shopping for it. This, without exception, is the food delivery services offered by some companies across Singapore, which people are ready to pay for. It has thus made the food delivery a hot cake for smart guys to consider. This is however subject to time dedication and self-determination to earn more.

And though, there are a handful of companies offering this service, GrabFood - which is a subsidiary of Grab Holding, is an option to consider without a second thought or hesitation. Grab Holding is known throughout Singapore for the variety of services offered. These services include insurance, transportation, and deliveries - grab express, groceries, and food deliveries. The latter of the deliveries is our focal point for this article.

Food delivery with GrabFood makes you some good money if you know your way around it. How much you make of it depends on whether you work full time or part-time, and how many deliveries you make per day - which is subject to how many hours you work, and the means of your delivery. Averagely, you could make between 5+ - 20+ SGD Dollars per hour. And being a GrabFood rider offers schedule flexibility like none other. To accurately predict how much money you can make in GrabFood delivery, the following factors much be put into consideration.

Personal Time Management: Working for GrabFood allows you to schedule your delivery. They offer the most flexible work hours compared to their major competitors. This means you can work as little as an hour per day, and as much as ten hours or more per day. And unlike others, whose payment could be monthly or bi-monthly, GrabFood pay their riders per day. You are paid as you work.

Seamless Payment per Delivery: Another factor is the unbeatable incentives GrabFood riders earn per delivery as the case may be. The standard fee per delivery is $5+, and surcharges are added to that fee depending on the delivery location and time. Incentives like the 'Zone Booster' are also given out based on the area that you're working in, with a different number of gems being awarded for different orders. 60 gems equal $3 SGD.

Means of Delivery: The final, and perhaps the most important factor that dictates how much you earn is your means of delivery. Power-Assisted Bicycle(PAB) also know as E-bike in Singapore, Bicycle, and Motorbike are the three major means of GrabFood delivery. However, a motorbike is the best way to earn for GrabFood. With your motorbike, you could go to multiple deliveries and work several hours a day with little or no stress. Other means would produce fewer earnings which come with more stress.

In conclusion, when you work full time putting the factors above into consideration, you can comfortably earn between $2000 and $3000 a month. Do the needful while you still can.

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