Buying E-Bike in Singapore

Buying E-Bike in Singapore

Confronting the high demands of food delivery that keeps increasing day by day in Singapore, motorcycles seem to be a more ideal transportation to be used by deliverymen to deliver their food. However, besides this transport, there is another arguably better option for deliverymen --- e-bike which has plenty of advantages and may be taken into consideration.


An e-bike (electronic bicycle) is a bicycle that is equipped with electric motor to help with pedaling. The motor starts when pedalling is detected by the sensor, so, similar to a regular bike, an e-bike moves when the rider pedals and stops when the rider stops pedaling. Now, you must think that "it still requires pedaling, then why should I choose an e-bike?", right? Don't make your decision too fast as we are going to discover some of its advantages.


One of the greatest benefits of an e-bike is its economical price. Compared with other vehicles such as motorcycle and car, e-bike costs a lower price. Also, charging your e-bike with electricity can save you from the cost on petrol. After one time of charging that spends less than half a day, your e-bike is already good to go for your work schedule of the day. Don't worry if your e-bike runs out of battery in the middle of the road because you can still ride it by pedaling.


Seeing how hard deliverymen work to get their hot meals delivered, we hope their work can be more effortless, and e-bike helps this point. While riding an e-bike, you don't need to put in much effort. This is because the motor helps you pedal. Therefore, when you give out less energy to ride, you will sweat less, and you will feel more comfortable all the way on your journey. In addition, the more effortless operation of an e-bike makes it a very good choice for those people who are physically less strong.


Besides, there's another good reason for riders to use an e-bike. It keeps you fit and healthy. When you step on the pedals, not only your legs are working but also your other body parts such as arms and shoulders which keep the e-bike moving. This means you are exercising when you are riding an e-bike. An e-bike rider doesn't have to ride hard because the pedal-assist motor will give him a speed boost while pedaling with moderate strength is carried out. Compared with motorcycle, getting some exercise while riding e-bike will make you fit and healthy.


Other than that, e-bike is environmental-friendly. Our atmosphere is filled with the pollution caused by the harmful emission from fused-based vehicles. Just like a bicycle, ebike doesn't produce any emission or even harmful substances, and it doesn't contribute to air pollution as well as sound pollution. As it runs on electricity instead of petrol, it's a quiet vehicle which doesn't bother your ears.


In short, e-bike provides many benefits not only to the riders but also the environment. A good vehicle with such many advantages will definitely make your commute better and more pleasant

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