Why Cheap Scooters are a Danger

Why Cheap Scooters are a Danger

Counterfeit Carbon Fiber Scooters

Following our article on how to tell apart a cheap counterfeit and the original Inokim, we  have noticed an influx of cheap counterfeits of the ZERO 2.0 carbon fiber scooter too.

The ZERO 2.0 is the original carbon fiber e-scooter that happened to be also the first modularly designed scooter, with plug and play parts. This allowed parts to be changed easily without technical know-how. This was considered a major design breakthrough in electric scooter design.


Due to the success of the ZERO, there is now a slew of copy cats of the ZERO 2.0 which are sold at a fraction of the price of the original ZERO at a fraction of the quality. They are known by many different names like Jack Hot, Swagtron, CarbonAero etc. A user recently sent us some pics of such a counterfeit below.

This particular counterfeit was only 2 months old and the deck is split in half. This would have been very dangerous had the deck split while the user is riding halfway. The number of ply of carbon fiber sheets was extremely thin. The original ZERO uses a 14 ply carbon fiber frame, whereas the cheaper counterfeits use less which compromises the structural integrity of the scooter.

How to Tell Apart an Original and a Copy ZERO 2.0

In our previous article, we listed 5 ways you can tell apart a copy and an original ZERO carbon fiber scooter. Check it out here!

Our final advice is, always question why some carbon fiber scooters are so cheap because quality and safety should not be a ready compromise for getting something at a seemingly great deal.

***UPDATE: There has been a recent spate of explosions involving cheap e-scooters and e-bikes with low quality chargers and batteries. Heres an article to explain why these cheap batteries explode.

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