Unboxing of the DYU

Unboxing of the DYU

An Ergonomic Lightweight Seated E-Scooter

Designed by ex-Huawei (smartphone) engineers, the DYU far exceeds any expectation of a sub-$1000 e-scooter / electric bike.

From the high quality anodised brushed finish, to the ergonomic riding posture and comfortable tyres, the DYU is a product made to appeal to the safety-conscious consumer.

Further, the DYU does not overcomplicate in terms of dashboard design, featuring only the critical details like battery life and on/off switch on the handlebars.

There isn’t even a light switch. The headlights and tail lights turn on/off automatically via an ambient light sensor. The idea behind this simplicity is to have the user take it out of the box and ride it off as quickly as possible. It also reduces maintenance costs with fewer hardware functionalities.

For the more meticulous rider who are looking for more control, there is an App function that allows higher levels of configuration in terms of riding experience.

Check out our unboxing review of the all new DYU e-scooter below. You can see that it only takes seconds to unbox and ride off.

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