Stigo Bike vs EBike

Stigo Bike vs EBike

Comparing the Stigo VS E-Bike

We recently got hold of a unit of the Stigo Bike (which in Singapore is classified as an e-scooter) and we put it through a series of tests. The Stigo Bike is touted as the best seated escooter on the market today. Lightweight at only 14kg due to its lightweight tubular frame, the Stigo is also the fastest and most convenient folding electric scooter.


We put it up against Torrot City Surfer Ebike to see how they compare. Watch the video below to see how the Stigo compares against a normal ebike!

Where to Get the Stigo Bike:

  • The Stigo Bike launched in late 2016 at a price of SGD 1799 and is available for order in Stigo Singapore.
  • The Torrot City Surfer is available here.

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