At sgscooters, we have been all about electric scooters. Now, we would like to slow the pace down and take a look at the more humble riding companion, the Kick Scooter (or push scooter/skate scooter).

For those of us who want the convenience of wheels but not really ready for something too fast, too futuristic and too… reliant on technology, we would prefer the more “hands-on” (or “legs-on”) version of the personal vehicles. In this case, we are talking about the ever so nostalgic manual kick scooters. Back in the days, when we were young, these things would be high on our Christmas and Birthday wish-lists. Who could predict that these “toys” that we wanted so badly back then as kids would now turn into a very practical and friendly form of transportation for every adult? Having fun, saving time and bus money and getting some exercise done all at the same time; It’s certainly a great feeling riding on one of these again.

So, you’ve decided to hop on this up-wave and get yourself one of these smashing kick scooters. The thing is, when demand goes up, usually so does supply. We are therefore overwhelmed by the choices available and things can get a little confusing and frustrating sometimes. So let us bring you through a list of popular kicks and compare them in layman’s terms. No “scooter junkie” jargons, I promise.

Here is how we compare each of them:

  1. Ease of Folding and Unfolding (Because it’s all about convenience.)
  2. Smoothness and Stability
  3. Portability
  4. Price

So, in no particular order, here are the popular picks for the kicks.


One of the French designed kick scooters, the Oxelo Town range is certainly one that comes up frequently with regards to this topic.
Here, the model we want to cover is the Town 7 Easyfold.

Oxelo Town 7 Silver & Blue

Ease of Folding and Unfolding:

As it’s name suggests, this Oxelo is definitely one made for a quick fold. All it needs is a step on the button at front and the deck folds up, ready to go.

Oxelo Town 7 Easyfold Function

Unfolding is just as simple, just grab the quick release lever and the deck will drop and lock with a click.

Oxelo Town 7 Easyfold Unfolding Function

Smoothness and Stability:

With 200mm wheels that spin easily, the kicking effort needed is significantly reduced. This means that with long gentle kicks the scooter can cover a pretty huge distance. It also means faster cruising speed but a little less grip on the ground. You have to be careful when the floors are wet as you might face some skidding due to the lack of friction.


The great thing about kick scooters is that they are mostly made pretty light. Weighing only approximately 5.1kg, the Oxelo Town 7 Easyfold is very easy to carry around. There is also a trolley function which will allow you to drag it around instead; Very useful if you have to to do several transfers when taking the public transport in Singapore.


Certainly one of the most value for money adult kick scooters out there, the Oxelo Town 7 Easyfold is going for only $249 SGD.


KnowPeds and SingPeds are handcrafted in US from the same air-craft grade materials used on all GoPed scooters. Known for their sturdy built and ability to hold a heavy load, these kicks can take up to 130kg.

Knowped & Singped

“So what’s the main difference between a KnowPed and SingPed?” you may ask. Well basically, Knowpeds have the original broader board and handlebar whereas SingPeds have a slimmer curved deck specially designed to fit Singaporeans. The removal of the front brakes also gives them a more “minimalistic” look.

Ease of Folding and Unfolding:

Designed with a very very simple folding feature, all you need to do is to lift the lower part of the handlebar and down it folds. Loop the strap over the back wheel fender to hold it in place. Both the Knowped and Singped folds this way.

Knowped & Singped folding

To unfold, release the strap and straighten the handlebar. The handlebar should lock automatically for safe riding.

Smoothness and Stability:

Amongst our list of human powered scooters, the KnowPeds and SingPeds definitely provide the most stability. This is due to their 6″ wide solid rubber wheels. The rider will feel more comfortable going over bumps and uneven ground. However, a better grip on the ground does mean a slight decrease in the speed you will be able to get out of the scooter. So that’s a factor to consider. For those of you who want additional comfort, go for the KnowPed; the broader deck allows more space for your feet to rest on.


The KnowPeds and SingPeds are relatively light, weighing about 5.6kg each. The slimmer curved board of the SingPed does make a more comfortable carry as the curve rests nicely around the user’s waist.


Being made in US with high quality materials, these kicks are priced at more of a premium. The KnowPed is retailing at $499 SGD while the SingPed is going for $399 SGD.


Another great kick scooter made by the French is the Kleefer Pure-180. This beauty is made with high quality aluminium and protected with an anti-corrosion coating.

Kleefer Pure180 White

Ease of Folding and Unfoldng:

The Kleefer has the simplest and smartest way of folding. All it needs is a little kick and the deck folds up automatically without having the user to bend down. This is especially helpful if you need to get onboard buses quickly.

Kleefer Pure-180 Folding Function

Unfolding takes just as little effort.

Kleefer Pure 180 Unfolding

Smoothness and Stability:

The double handlebar and low wide deck of the Kleefer provides great stability and balance. These kicks come with 7″ wide wheels at a diameter of 180mm. The large circumference of the tyres allows a speedy ride while its broad width prevents skidding.


Those who might have to go a substantial distance where you are not allowed to scoot, rejoice! The Kleefer Pure-180 comes with a Trolley Mode, so you can roll it around on its front wheel and not worry about having to carry it. If faced with stairs, the rigidness of the scooter will facilitate a sturdy grip.


For such an all-rounded product, we find the price of $349 SGD to be of a reasonable amount for the Kleefer Pure-180.


Known for its light weight, the Roma is the most popular kick scooter from Xootr.

Xootr Roma

Ease of Folding and Unfolding:

The Xootr Roma is not the best in terms of its folding function. It takes about 10 seconds for a complete fold. Its folding mechanism mainly revolves around a small locking pin. To fold, release the lever located at the center of the handlebar to bring down the top part. Lock the lever back to ensure that the handlebar doesn’t slide back out when carrying the scooter. Next, remove the pin. The pin can be found where the handlebar meets the deck. After removing the pin, you will be able to fold the handlebar down. Insert the pin into the other hole to secure the fold.

Xootr Roma Folding

To unfold, remove the pin and straighten the handle stem. Secure the handlebar in place by inserting the pin into the other slot. Release the lever in the middle to lengthen the handlebar. Make sure to tighten it before riding.

Smoothness and Stability:

With 180mm diameter and 7″ wide wheels the Roma would give a pretty good speed. However the hardness of the wheels mean that you’ll feel some vibrations when going over bumps. Also, do be careful when the ground is slippery.


Weighing only 4.5kg, the Roma is easy to carry around when attached to a strap. The very narrow deck means less space taken up on public transport systems.


The Xootr Roma is being priced at approximately $370SGD.


Micro has quite an extensive range of kick scooters made for mostly children. The Micro Black and White are their more popular kicks made for adults.

micro black and white kick scooters

Ease of Folding and Unfolding:

The Micro Black and Whites are made to fold fairly easily. It takes about 5 seconds to unlock the clamp lever located at the joint, push the silver and blue buttons simultaneously, fold down the handle stem and lock the clamp lever back in place.

Micro Black White Folding Function

You do have to bend down for it so not exactly the most suitable if you are frequently caught in a fast moving crowd.

Smoothness and Stability:

Though not exactly the most stylish looking, with 200mm large wheels, the Black/Whites can cruise at a good speed. The low deck also allows good balance but its lack of suspension does mean almost no shock absorption.


Weighing 4.7kg, these kicks are pretty light. Having no trolley function, make sure you are comfortable with carrying them around in non”scoot-friendly” places.


Pretty pricey for an average scooter, the Micro Black and Whites are retailing for approximately $340SGD.

All-in-all, after several rounds of testing, the Kleefer Pure-180 truly stands out in terms of performance and style. If you have the budget for something it, the Kleefer will provide you superior comfort, speed and convenience. In a long run, this baby would be saving you quite a bit on transport fees. However, if you want something with a good grip on the ground and doesn’t go too fast, the KnowPed/SingPed scooters would be a good bet. For something a little lighter on your pocket, the Oxelo’s ability for speed and ease of folding would go a long way.

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