Patgear’s Woes

After our previous article on Patgear clones, we have since received a few such feedback from other patgear users out there who have had different experiences with the original Patgear. The French electric scooter blog and and wrote to us citing their experiences in France.

It’s a shame that the most expensive and fragile component (battery) actually happens to be the less protected one (50% return rate in France !). My assumption is that the original patgear’s wheels are transmitting vibrations to the battery and thus destroying it (design flaw) instead of suppressing these vibrations.

At one point, the guy, who actually owns several stores says : “les retours sur 1 an sont supérieurs à 50%”. (return rate above 50% within 1 year)

The blog is in French ( but the admin translated the text for us. Here is the forum page citing the Patgear issues.

Now, as a disclaimer, we don’t own a Patgear and have never owned one long enough to find out these problems. All the issues that came to us are from independent Patgear owners. Recently, in Singapore, an ex-Patgear distributor has claimed on his facebook page that he stopped distributing the Patgear due to the high number of returns.

(Edited) “I’m just back from overseas. I have stopped my patgear scooter dealership with the taiwan company after selling quite a lot of its patgears. Reason being, they now all come from mainland China and the batteries suck now! I heard there were complaint from customers in Taiwan and china and everywhere else patgears were sold. Supplier hesitated to warrant the damaged batteries…although they promised one year warranty!

Now, we understand mechanical and electrical problems are part and parcel of owning an electrical personal transporter. However, these problems should not occur that frequently and reliability rates have to be higher than those stated for the Patgear to be a road worthy vehicle.

Anyway, we would like to hear from you so do share with us your experience with the Patgear if you own one or have ridden one for a period of time!

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