Ebike Rules in Singapore

If you are riding an E-Bike, You Will Need to Know These New Regulations in 2021

Why the New Regulations?

E-Bikes in Singapore are getting more popular than ever. And we can see that there are more and more food delivery ebike riders populating our Singapore roads.

However, due to this rise in e-bike usage, some E-Bike regulations are set to change in 2021. Do not worry as we will guide you through in this article on what to expect and how you can prepare for them!

What’s in this Current Regulation?

It is important for all of us to follow the regulations, as we are sharing the roads and we DO NEED to be aware of road laws to avoid getting slapped with hefty fines. Each fine can be as heavy as $2000 per offence and may include imprisonment if an injury occurs. The current E-Bike regulations in Singapore are quite similar to those in the European Union but the penalties involved are not similar at all!

Under current regulations, you will need the following to ride an ebike in Singapore:

  • A Bicycle Helmet
  • An approved E-Bike with LTA tag under EN15194:2009+A1:2011 or EN15194:2017
  • LTA Registration under your Singpass account

There are only 3 required steps listed above to make it easy for the consumer to purchase an E-Bike right now.

The current regulations put the burden on importers and retailers made it compulsory for retailers to bring the E-Bikes for inspection before they can be displayed or sold to consumer.

This means that all the E-Bikes on the retail floors in Singapore already have an Orange tag on them. The only step you need to take is to transfer the ebike registration under your Singpass account. 

What’s new in 2021?

Theory test

The current regulation does not require a proper license on the user to ride an E-Bike. This is set to change in 2021 as there will be a theory test to be completed by the user. Once the theory test is completed, a certificate of competence will be issued. The certificate of competence will be updated on Singpass / Onemotoring as one of the licenses that you own.

You may legally ride the E-Bike once you have passed the theory test. While we do not believe that it will be a difficult test, we still encourage the user to read up and prepare for the test so to pass it on the first try.

We believe it will be of a similar standard to the driving theory test. A sample of the basic theory test for drivers can be found here: Sample Test

ebike theory test

See, it is not that difficult right?

Insurance (Delivery Riders only)

It is compulsory for delivery riders to have third party liability insurance with minimum SGD$200,000 coverage before they are able to use the E-Bike on public path. However, the burden is on the delivery companies to ensure that riders are covered by the proper insurance. The current price range for such insurance range between $79-$99.

We believe that most delivery companies will work with their existing insurer to come out with a standard insurance for all the delivery riders. This way will cost less for the riders as corporate rates are applied.

However, if you would like to get your own insurance, you may always approach NTUC.

New E-Bike Safety Standards

In the beginning of the post, we mentioned that the current E-Bikes available in the market is tested to either EN15194:2009+A1:2011 or EN15194:2017. The EN15194:2009+A1:2011 standard is outdated and will be phased out soon.

We will not bore you out with all the fine details. The new standard pretty much covers the entire E-Bike, from the wiring and electrical to the frame. This shall not affect existing users who already have an E-Bike.

ebike electric bike pab singapore regulations new

Other changes/ Addition to the law

-Minimum legal age to ride a PMD/PAB will be 16 years old

-It is illegal to hold/operate a mobile phone while riding on public paths or the road

-Mandatory inspection starting with e-scooters(PMD)

-Higher penalties for reckless riding

How to Prepare for the Change

While the LTA (Land Transport Authority of Singapore) has not revealed more details about the upcoming theory test, you can still prepare for it. The LTA have released a set of guidelines under the Rules and Code of Conduct. This is the basic guideline of what a Personal Mobility Device and Personal Assisted Bicycle user should know.

Insurance may be a costly affair in our lives. But it can be extremely helpful to not land in huge debt when we are claimed by a third party for the injury or damage to property. It is normal for humans to be careless, but mistakes can sometimes cause us to lose what we have spent years to build.

So, spending $79 to $99 a year to safeguard your assets is a small price to pay. That works out to be only $8 a month for a peace of mind.

ntuc insurance personal mobility guard

Those who wish to purchase an E-Bike in the near future might want to consider the orange tag bikes which uses the latest EN15194:2017. It is always calming to know that each and every part is tested to an industry standard.

Legal Upgrades Allowed

All the new regulations above is to ensure the safety of the E-Bike rider and other users on the park connectors/roads. However, to be truly safe, additional safety measures can be taken by the rider.

It is important to know that no modifications can be done internally to the circuitry. That does not mean that you cannot put some safety handlebars and better brakes that are within the legal limits (i.e Maximum speed of 25kmh, Maximum weight of 20kg and Maximum width of 700mm).

Safety Bundle (for E-Bike)

For a start, you can consider the safety bundle for E-Bikes from Falcon PEV. The safety bundle consist of bright LEDs as signal lights on the handlebar ends and the rear of the E-Bike.

There is also an extremely bright high lumens headlight to pave the way for the user, but nothing beats a horn in an emergency situation. Therefore, the safety bundle includes a modified loud horn to warn other road users as well as a motion alarm for security.

All accessories in the safety bundle is controlled by 1 single switch and done in the most legal possible way so that you can still go through future LTA inspection.

Handlebar riser adapter

At Falcon PEV, we also have other accessories such as handlebar stem riser adapter to add additional height for a more comfortable and upright riding position. 

riser adapter

Hydraulic brakes

Hydraulic brakes provide better braking force than mechanical brakes. All stock e-bikes come with only mechanical brakes and the brakes are sloppy and ineffective.

ebike hydraulic brakes for e-bikes

Manufacturers usually save cost by providing mechanical brakes on stock E-Bikes, however, they are a pain to maintain as periodic brake adjustments are required. Furthermore, they do not provide sufficient braking performance during an emergency.

Hydraulic brakes or hybrid brakes have much strong braking performance i.e. shorter braking distance and will ensure your safe riding over the long term.

Safety Should be Everyone’s Concern

New regulations are here to curb errant or reckless riders in the community. The Black Sheep. While it may seem like there are huge changes to the laws, they are simple to understand from a safety point of view.

We recommend doing any of your legal upgrades at a reputable shop, this way, we will only have safer devices on the streets. And hence safer streets for everyone.

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