Launch of the Tsinova E-Bike

Launch of the Tsinova E-Bike

Announcing the Tsinova -- a Red Dot Designer Winner

Winner of the Red Dot Design award, the All New Tsinova Electric Bike is an elegantly designed, vintage E-Bike that will turn heads without emptying wallets.

From its elegant design to the quality brushed paint finish, the Tsinova sets itself apart from the rest of the crowded electric bike pack. Best of all, the Tsinova complies with all of LTA regulations of electric bicycles here in Singapore so it will already come with an orange LTA tag.

At a mere 14kg, the vintage Tsinova is a lightweight, minimalistic electric bike that elegantly hides the battery pack underneath the seat post. We at SGscooters are currently testing this new model so the review will follow soon. Stay tuned!

Watch the video below to find out how the Tsinova E-Bike came about.

Find out more about the Tsinova E-Bike specifications here. The Tsinova is available now!

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