Launch of the 2018 Inokim Light 2

Launch of the 2018 Inokim Light 2

Don’t hold your breath for it, but the 2018 Inokim Light 2 is out now.

This is no technological leap. Its what we would call refinement. Refinement in power and safety, making it a much better e-scooter than its predecessor. 

This new version is not a beast like the Dualtron. But it was never meant for those who are power hungry. It has however, put a little added power in the 350W motor so gone are the days where you have to kick up a slope on the Inokim Light.

This new version is not a design revolution like the Inokim Quick was in 2009. But why change something that is already beautiful to start with. The Light design is what makes it the top selling scooter in the past 2 years.

What this version is, is a improvement in safety. Its new thicker tyres and double drum brakes to give it more grip and braking power. The upgraded thicker CST Tyres also prevents tyre punctures much more than the old Light tyres.

Also, changing tyres or tube on the old Light was a tedious process of trying to pry the tyres out of the hub. The Light 2 addresses that by having a removable hub which allows the tyre to be removed in seconds.


The Light 2 is also designed to be much more water resistant than the previous version. The front folding panel which protects the controller and battery (the core electronics) from the elements is now much more protected with a metal and rubber gasket.


The Inokim Light 2 is out now and exclusively available at Falcon PEV:


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