Ladies! Here are the Best E-Scooters For You

Ladies! Here are the Best E-Scooters For You

Gone are the days when riding an electric scooter is a guy’s thing. Women and girls are starting to realise the convenience of a personal electric vehicle (or PEV).

Naturally, we girls have different ideas about what constitutes an ideal ride. The way we want a personal mobility device to fit our lifestyle is often very specific.

Our considerations include the scooter’s size, weight, price, riding distance, and of course, the style and colour. Raw power and speed matter less to us than how well the scooter can do what we want them to do, AND how they don’t get in our way.

Given the bewildering choices, it can be confusing just to think about where to start looking. To make your job easier, we have gathered some choice options and recommendations here from the perspective of a female rider.

Here are the Top 3 E-Scooters for you Ladies:


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1. DYU

The DYU has been garnering a whole lot of attention since its launch, and we can easily see why. It is a beautiful and ergonomically designed e-scooter, almost cute. It looks like a bicycle but is classified as an electric scooter. The compact size and friendly shape make it approachable and easy to handle.


  • Comfortable seated riding position
  • Lightweight and portable, with a grip hold built into its body
  • easily add useful accessories such as a child seat, bottle holder, and baskets (great for groceries or the dog!)
  • 12 inch tires absorb more vibrations for a smoother ride than most scooters
  • A mobile app conveniently allows you to password-lock your scooter, set the speed limit, etc
  • Comes in 3 colours, including a (limited edition) stunning flaming red colour


  • Non-adjustable height for seat and handlebar
  • A “break-in” requirement where your speed is limited to 20km/h until it has covered at least 10km range before the speed limit is unlocked to 25km/h

Girl on DYU seated e-scooter


The newest addition to the INOKIM line, the Mini+ is the lightest e-scooter designed by the Israeli-based company. It makes an excellent short-distance travelling option to take you to the nearest eaterie to satisfy your supper cravings, or a last-mile solution between the train station and your workplace.


  • Built-in trolley wheels allow easy trolleying on public transport and enable it to stand vertically to save space
  • 6″ pneumatic rear tire provides good traction on slippery surfaces and handles bumps well
  • A USB port on the front handle allows you to recharge your gadgets
  • Simple and user-friendly operation
  • Compact and refined design with black and white colour options


  • Top speed is capped at 20km/h
  • Rear/front lights and bell have to be externally installed

3. ZERO 2.0

Built for ultimate portability and weighing just about 6.5kg, the Zero 2.0 has been one of the lightest electric scooter till date. It is light enough for you to scoot around without the power on and still have fun!


  • Streamlined and easy fold-and-carry design
  • Sturdy carbon fibre frame with no exposed wires
  • Modular design allows you to swap out faulty parts easily without a need for technical knowledge
  • Built-in front and rear lights
  • Attractive prize point, starting at $649 only


  • You have to avoid bumpy grounds, as you will feel the patches due to the smaller solid wheels
  • Non-adjustable handlebar height
  • Available in black only

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Are you READY to get your own personal transport?

Find out more about the DYU, Inokim Mini, and Zero 2.0 at Falcon PEV. They come with an official 1-year limited warranty on electrical parts and components.

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