Inokim Quick 2 vs Quick 3

Inokim Quick 2 vs Quick 3

A Comparison between the Quick 2 and Quick 3


We love head to head comparisons like how we did for the ZERO 2.0 vs ZERO 1.0 because they help readers understand what has been changed or improved upon. For this article, we will do a comparison for our flagship Inokim Quick series.

The Inokim Quick 2 is a ubiquitous model that has been around since Sept 2015. A new model the Quick 3 has recently been launched and here are the differences between them:

1. Torque

The biggest improvement that has been made between the 2 generations is the torque. Inokim Quick 2 is equipped with the same motor as the Quick 1 i.e. 36V 250W geared brushless motor. As compared to a brushless gearless motor, a geared motor doesn’t require the same power output in wattage to generate the same torque.

The Inokim Quick 3 is also equipped with a geared motor drive but with a much more powerful 48V 450W motor. We rode both the Quick  2 and 3 in a head to head challenge up a slope to show you the difference between the Quick 2 and Quick 3 motor.

2. Folding Handlebars

The most common complaint of the Quick 2 is the shakiness of the folding handlebars. The inherent design of the folding mechanism causes the handlebar to have a lot of freeplay which makes riding with a cup of coffee (not that we recommend it) a real challenge.

The Quick 3 solves that issue by entirely redesigning the folding mechanism to that used on the Inokim Light with 2 screw on caps (in red).

3. Lighting

The brightness of the Quick 3 headlights has also been improved on. The Quick 2 had a pimple of a headlight and it didn’t do a good job of shining the path ahead. The brightness and beam angle has been improved in the Quick 3 making your journey safer during night rides. The beam of the Quick 3 headlight now shines bright enough to make any potholes or fallen branches or twigs visible.


Quick 3 headlights

4. Smartphone App-enabled

The Quick 3 has bluetooth connectivity which allows Apple iOS users to connect to the electronics of the Quick 3. The App is limited in function for now, but the most useful function is the ability to electronically lock the Quick 3 and disable the scooter. This is useful as an additional security measure to a physical lock on your precious Inokim:) Only your app will be able to disable the electronic lock.


The 2017 Inokim Quick 3 is available now. For more advice and reviews on the Inokim Quick or Light series, check out the Singapore Inokim Riders (SIR) community on Facebook!

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