How to Winterize or Weather-Proof your E-Scooter

How to Winterize or Weather-Proof your E-Scooter

How to Winterize or Weather-Proof your E-Scooter

Winter is coming. Or if you are in the tropics like us, then the rainy season may be upon us. You never know these days with climate change.

As our e-scooter community across the globe grows, and peak riding season starts slowing down, there will still be e-scooter fanatics out there who will ride through the wintry cold rain and slush.

Light rain and SHALLOW ground splash will NOT do much harm to your e-scooter except under excessive conditions. However when mixed with salt, grime and sand, it becomes a lethal combination that will cause a lot of oxidation and corrosion.

When your motor magnets starts to rust, you will experience a lot of rolling resistance which will make your scooter less efficient. We hope we don't have to explain why you need to seal off your battery compartment.

The reason why you need to leave your battery at a nominal charge of about 80% is because during the long cold winters, which could be as long as 6- months, li-ion batteries will experience a natural discharge. You can lessen the natural or any phantom discharge by disconnecting your battery from the scooter.

Fret not because you can still protect even if your e-scooter is not IP54 or IP65 rated. And even if you are IP rated, we still recommend you working through this process as this is a tried and tested method to keep your scooter pristine.

Here are 4 simple steps to follow:

  1. Waterproof your scooter frame
  2. Seal your motor to prevent rust
  3. Install off-road tires or all-terrain tires
  4. Ensure there is at least 80% charge to your battery especially when you plan to put it into storage

Our tutorial here attempts to show you the whole process from start to finish. The trickiest part is to take apart the motor to seal up the ferromagnetic parts.

Thereafter, you would need to seal off your battery compartment and LCD.

 Caution! This is a very lengthy process so do allocate at least 4 hours to complete. The level of difficulty is high but trust us on this, once you do it, the results will be extremely satisfying and it gives you an extreme peace of mind. Our recommendation is to bring it to your nearest scooter shop to get it done professionally.


And if they do not know how to do it, show them this video! If you need further help, join our telegram groupfor any community help.

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