How to Keep Your E-Scooter Running Optimally

How to Keep Your E-Scooter Running Optimally

Electric Scooter Maintenance

You have been riding your electric scooter for a few months. Lately, you find that the speed has become slower and you cannot get as much distance from it as before. Do not worry, your scooter might just be in need of some TLC.

Just like a car or any motor vehicle, electric scooters similarly require regular maintenance. The recommended maintenance cycle should be done every 4-6 months depending on how often you use your scooter.

In this article, we break down the mechanical wear and tear parts that require attention after a period of use to get it running optimally again.


Electric scooters that use brushed motors with a chain drive (GoPed, Razor, EVO etc.) require degreasing/lubrication of the chain once in a while. The brushed motor contains carbon brushes (thats where it gets its name from) and these need to be replaced every 6 months or so.


Brushless Geared motors popular in Inokim Quick and IMAX S1+ will require a gear change within the inner hub every 2 years or so. The gears will need to be degreased and greased with high pressure grease every  year too for the motor to perform optimally.

Brushless Gearless motors used in Inokim Light, Zoom Air etc. have less maintenance in general but dust and dirt still accumulates inside the motor and requires a disassembly to clean out the dust and dirt. We typically do not use any cleaning solution or degreaser to clean out the internals of the motor. A brush and compressed air is sufficient.



Most electric scooter tires need to be changed after one year or roughly 1500km. Unlike car tires, which can last for 50,000km or more, electric scooter tires are not built that durably given its small size.

When tires wear out, 2 things come into play. Safety is a concern as tire grip will be compromised. A worn tire thread will not be able to go through wet roads as well as a properly threaded tire.

When tires wear thin, the risk of punctures will be higher too as sharp stones can easily pierce through the thin walls.

To prolong the life of your tires, always pump to the scooter manufacturer specified pressure and NOT the max tire pressure printed on the tire, as is a very common mistake. The tires should be pumped to the recommended pressure by the electric scooter manufacturer. Here is a list of recommended tire pressure:

Model Tire Pressure (PSI)
Inokim Quick (10 inch tire) 45
Inokim Light (8.5 inch tire) 35
IMAX S1+(10 inch tire) 45


Regular maintenance of your electric scooter has to include brake tuning and/or replacement of brake pads. Unless your electric scooter utilizes an electric brake system (like the ETWOW, Zoom Air or ZERO), most electric scooters are fitted with mechanical brake systems (disc brakes, V-brakes or drum brakes). Brake pads will wear out after a period of use and will require adjustment to ensure that they work effectively always.

The maintenance of scooters that use electrical brakes are a bit more of a headache as there is no way to service them. When the brakes are not working as efficiently, it is typically an electrical issue which may mean a replacement of an expensive battery.


Over time, the bearings on the front and rear wheel need to be serviced or cleaned out due to dirt and dust accumulation. Remove the dirt and grease with a cleaning solvent. Dry it out and then spray grease into the bearing. We recommend that you use Spray Grease like Mr McKenic 9-in-1 Technology Oil or QPLUS QP101 Spray Grease to grease the bearings.


Essential Regular Maintenance

To many, the electric scooter is your main commuting vehicle and proper care and maintenance is essential to keep it running like a workhorse.

Inquire about a service and maintenance package for your e-scooter. There will also be workshops coming up to guide electric scooter owners on how to DIY so stay tuned to our facebook page here.

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