Electric Scooter and Skate Combo — One of a kind

A SF designer has come up with the perfect solution for the problem facing boring ol’ ordinary electric kick scooters. If you have been following the kick scooter craze, electric or not, the handlebars of most electric scooters can be folded down. However, one never really knows what to do with them as they just seem to make the overall folded system bulky and obstructive to the user. Steve Lee, a grad student from a San Francisco design school has come up with an elegant solution to hide away that handlebar. Into the cut-out deck it goes. Oh! And suddenly it comes a skateboard! Codenamed Chameleon, its unique design is one of a kind. However, it is still conceptual and nothing has been done to develop the idea further so a design project it stays. What a shame! Check out his site below:



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