The Price of Owning an E-Bike in Singapore vs Motorcycle

The Price of Owning an E-Bike in Singapore vs Motorcycle

The Price of Owning an E-Bike in Singapore vs Motorcycle

There are many forms of private transportation options to choose from in Singapore. In this article, we will be comparing 2 modes of private transportation that are often considered by Singapore delivery riders whether they are working for Grab or Foodpanda.

We are often asked which is more affordable upfront and maintenance wise? Our focus today is to help you figure out which is better from a cost perspective. 

In order to simplify things, we will be comparing the upfront cost and running cost.

Upfront cost includes:

  • Machine price (E-Bike + any registration to get the bike on the road)
  • Running cost (cost to maintain and cost to use)

What does it cost to own an E-Bike in Singapore?

We live in fortunate times where there is stable electricity supply, and electricity is affordable due to the advancement of technology.

E-Bikes are no longer expensive like it was 5 years ago where it could cost more than a motorbike. Technology in batteries and frame design has advanced to make the e-bike cheaper and lighter.

Here is the upfront cost to purchase an E-Bike:

  • Machine cost (approximate cost depending on model) = $1,200
  • LTA transfer fee (buyer side) = $11
  • Quality helmet = $50

Total: $1261

As you can see, the cost to start owning an E-Bike is the same or cheaper to own an iPhone 12 in Singapore. In fact, shops like Falcon PEV has both cash financing and credit card financing to help you get the E-Bike faster and easier. 

How’s the running cost to own an e-bike?

Is the maintenance expensive? Does it work in the rain?

These are the questions most people consider when planning to own an E-Bike. While most E-Bikes are rain-resistant, it is not recommended to use it in rain. The water might get in and void the warranty. So when it rains, you will have to find shelter. 

Let us look at the yearly approximate running cost of the E-Bike (assuming 60km/day):

  • Electricity cost per year: $20 (Yes, it is that cheap!)
  • Preventive Maintenance (4 times/year): $100
  • Budget for repair: $100

Total: $220/year

So, ownership in the first year will only set you back $1481!

What does it cost to own a Motorcycle in Singapore?

The rising COE is a major concern for aspiring motorcycle owners. The once cheap motorcycle in the 1980s no longer exist due to taxes and regulation.

Don't expect to get a new motorcycle (or even a used one) for under $2000. But if you still want to know the cost, here it is.

Here’s the upfront cost to own a class 2B motorcycle:

Based on 155cc, 18-year-old rider and cost rounded up easier reference.

  • Machine cost with ARF and GST= Around $6000
  • COE = $7500 (as of Nov 2020)
  • Mandatory Insurance (NTUC) = $1200
  • IU = $160
  • 2B Motorcycle License fees = $1200

Total: $16,060

Furthermore, given the high number of food delivery riders trying to find an alternative transport, there is a long queue at the driving schools. Sitting for a 2B motorcycle license from start to end could take anywhere from 6 to 12 months. 

And……how’s the running cost like?

While motorcycle will work in the rain, it is not the cheapest to own and maintain. The maintenance cost of the motorcycle can sometimes cause the user to sell their bikes when it breaks down, landing the owner into more debt.

Let’s see a simple breakdown of ownership and maintenance:

  • Yearly petrol cost = $1,100 (60km daily at $1.98/L)
  • Preventive maintenance = $300
  • Wear and tear = $650
  • Parking = $250

Total: $2,300/year

You can see that it is extremely expensive to own a motorcycle due to the running cost. Many motorcycle owners did not consider fully about the maintenance cost and end up selling the bike away at huge losses. This calculation is not withstanding any depreciation which would only add on further to the cost.

Which is better?

Let’s say you have thought fully about both options and money is not an issue in your consideration. We can compare both in terms of reliability and convenience. Let us look at the scenario below.


  • You only need to travel short/medium length distances or about 60km or less a day. Thats about 12 food delivery trips per day. 
  • Prefer a low-cost option to save more money
  • You do not need it during rainy days as you have another transport option (public transport/car)
  • You use it leisurely
  • High reliability is preferred

If you can find yourself choosing 3 or more points from the above, your preference should be owning an E-Bike.

More often than not, a motorcycle is only required if you ride more than 100km a day due to work or other activities.

What are the good deals out there?

If you have already made up your mind on getting an E-Bike, there are a few promotions you can look out for, especially that it is the festive season right now. This means more promotions for you!

Here’s some of the deals that Falcon PEV are doing:

  • Price promotion on E-Bikes
  • $80 store voucher
  • 1 Year free labour service

MIDO ($1288)

MIDO is one of E-Bike that has the option to fold and be transported on the MRT and Bus. Not only that it can be folded, the power and torque of MIDO is on of the better ones in Singapore. This means that climbing of hill and even just riding the E-Bike is much easier as the power comes instantly.

Get your MIDO here

KUDU ($1069)

KUDU is an easy to use city bike that is suitable especially for female riders. It is designed with the thought of allowing ladies that wear skirts to easily use the E-Bike without requiring them to put their leg over the seat. The design also bear resemblance with bicycles used in Italy and other European countries. Rack has also been designed and installed, which means the E-Bike will not exceed the allowed 20kg limit.

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