Curious MyWay Name Change

Has MyWay changed its name?

Some of you may have noticed that the MyWay website has recently announced that they are rebranding the MyWay to inokim. The main inokim website also features the same products and the same designer fronting the website. Sgscooters have been in touch with the Israeli developers and we have been informed that due to a copyright infringement issue within China, MyWay has been issued a letter of demand to change their name…or else.

Why the name change only in China?

MyWay is a trademark owned by the Israeli company all around the world but China! It seems China does not recognise the international trademark and has issued its own MyWay Trademark to another company. Hence MyWay has been forced to launch a rebranding exercise for scooters sold within China. Henceforth, all China-sold MyWays will be branded as inokim (short for innovative solutions for the last kilometer!). Internationally, the brand will remain as MyWay for the time being.

Are they the same product?

Rest assured, they are identical right down to the finest detail. The whole exercise is akin to changing your dogs name from Jacklyn to Jia Ling.

So if you see a MyWay being rode around, thats the international version and one with an inokim logo is the China version. That should clear things up with all the MyWay fans out there.


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