A word about Nimrod

He is the name behind illustrious and commercially successful products like Taga bikes and the MYWAY. When speaking of industrial design for personal mobility, Nimrod Sapir’s name is at the forefront of the design industry, not just in Israel where he currently resides but throughout the world. 

An adventurer and thrill-seeker by nature, he travels the world with great abandon to find inspiration for his next big design project. Starting with furniture design, he gradually moved into the personal mobility space in his quest to find solutions to the last mile problem. The idea of moving a single person or two on half a ton of metal and gallons of gas is simply outdated. People will have to start thinking and moving differently in order to be sustainable. City and urban planners will have to design their future cities by taking into account personal mobility for the individual. 

He became chief designer of the Taga bike team and led Taga into production. Later, the entrepreneurship bug bit him and he became hooked. Starting with a blank canvas, he sought to design the best electric personal transporter ever in production that can be easily used by the masses, young and middle-aged, male and female. After 4 years of intensive research and development, the first ever MYWAY production unit rolled out in December 2013. However, this first production unit is only half the story. He is not done with the MYWAY. Nimrod’s vision is to make personal mobility easier, safer, lighter and overall better for everyone and the next revision will be even better.


Learn more about the man and his visionary design concepts here.


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