5 E-Scooter Accessories I Can’t Live Without

5 E-Scooter Accessories I Can’t Live Without

The Best E-Scooter Accessories

Let’s face it. What’s the fun of owning something if you can’t personalise it?

Be it your new apartment, your car, your daily Starbucks coffee, or in this case… your electric scooter.

So here are 5 accessories I’ve tried and now never leave home without. 


Anyone who owns an electric mobility device knows that these things don’t come cheap; and the last thing we want is to have them stolen from the bicycle stand while running an errand.

My mind has never been more at peace while leaving my ride out.

Abus Bordo Foldable Lock

The Abus Bordo is made with solid 5mm steel bars; Linked by strong rivets to deter pesky thieves. When mounted on the scooter, it is kept neat and compact in the holder provided.


Bone Bike Tie

If you are the new kid on the block or just not the best with directions in general (that’s me), here’s the life-saving accessory you need to help manoeuvre your way through the streets. Being able to stretch to fit even an iPhone 7 Plus, the flexible Bone Bike Tie is surprisingly sturdy and stable. With my phone mounted and Google Map on my screen, I can now roam the world on my trusty scooter.


Ergon Grips

“Once you go Ergon, you’ll never go back.” This is a statement I now swear by after I tossed my sweaty foam grips into the trash.

It’s unique wing-shaped grip allows the palm to rest comfortably. No more aching wrists and numb fingers on long rides.

Plus, the rubber material makes cleaning a breeze.


Are you still hanging your grocery bags on your handlebar? Take that unnecessary load off with the Klickfix basket!

I love how easy it is to detach the basket from it’s mounting.

Klickfix Basket L

It’s a one-step click-off and into the Supermarket we go. Save on plastic bags and save the earth.


Serfas E-Lume USL-1500

‘Overkill’ is not a word found in my dictionary. This is especially so when I do night rides and need a strong torch to ignite my path.

I took the 1500 lumens headlight out for a test-ride and never once had to worry about not being able to see a pothole or tree truck a few meters away.

The USL1500 also features different light modes; Switching down to a lower lumen would boost a longer run-time.

There you have it! The 5 electric scooter accessories that I can’t live without.

Comment to share with us your top picks! I’ll love to see what else I can add to my collection. For more electric scooter accessories picks, check out our Electric Scooter Expert's collection here.

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