ZERO 8X Motor 8x3 inch 800W Motor

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ZERO 8X Motor 8x3 inch 52V 800W Motor

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52V 800W 8 x 3.25 inch tire and motor. Suitable for ZERO 8X. 

Both solid and pneumatic motors come fitted and shipped with tires. Pneumatic version come with tubeless tires and a wire harness for installation.

The difference between front and rear motors are the wire lengths. Rear motor wire length is longer than front motor wire.

Dimension 8x3.125 (solid); 8x3.0 (pneumatic) 
Output Power 800W
Voltage 48V to 60V
Magnets 28 (solid); 20 (pneumatic)
Max Speed 45-65kmh
Includes Tires


How to Install the tubeless motor/tire:

Here is the installation guide for changing the solid tire to the tubeless motor/tire set: