Wildman Hard Shell Triangle Bag


WILD MAN Hard Shell Waterproof Top Tube Triangle Pouch

Wildman hand stitched hard case top tube triangle battery bags that are rugged, tough and waterproof. 

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  • Suitable for all 12, 15, 16, 20, 24, 26 inch wheel models with a top tube + round seat post design
  • Texture PU fabric, three-dimensional modeling design.
  • Left and right two spaces to facilitate the classification of goods.
  • Design of night safety reflective warning pattern to improve night safety.
  • Lengthened and trimmed straps are suitable for a variety of different frames.
  • It is equipped with pressure glue, waterproof zipper, rain-proof PU fabric to reduce rainwater immersion.
  • Hard shell technology, anti-pressure and anti-fall, can effectively protect the contents of the bag, such as mobile phones, charging treasures and other carry-on items.
  • Able to fit up to 36V20Ah or 48V16Ah battery.


  • Main material: PU + EVA
  • Color: Black
  • Size: 275x190x90mm
  • Net weight: 300g
  • Capacity: 3L
  • Function: Place carry-on items and tools on the bicycle