Threebond Waterproofing Sealant

Threebond Waterproofing Sealant

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Threebond Moisture Curing Sealant

Threebond 1530B is used to waterproof our e-bikes and e-scooter electronics. It is similarly used by large Japanese automotive manufacturers like Honda and Toyota for sealing and waterproofing their motorbikes. 

The 1530B is a universal solvent-type single-component moisture-curing elastic adhesive. 

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150g tube of Threebond 1530B sealant. Comes with a spatula and a nozzle cap. 

The Threebond sealant is what many riders use to seal up their ZERO e-scooters:


Technical parameters:
  1. color: black paste
  2. main components: a special silyl -containing polymer
  3. viscosity : 110Pa · s
  4. specific gravity (25 Celsius): 1.31
  5. tensile strength : 3.0Mpa
  6. the shear strength : 4.1Mpa
  7. skinning time : 7min
  8. hardness : A48
  9. water-soluble : insoluble
  10. Specifications : 150G, 430G
  11. Effective Temperature Range: -40°C ~ +120°C
The 1530 is used to bond various materials (universal adhesive), and also for sealing, casting, molding, encapsulation etc. 

TB1530B black industrial adhesives key product features :
  1. does not require the use of solvents , no odor, is an environmentally friendly product.
  2. single-component , rapid hardening .
  3. without the use of light or heat curing equipment .
  4. with the initial adhesive property , no temporary connection .
  5. because the trait of elastic adhesive , so easy to peel , but also for vibration, shock and other stress relaxation good adhesion between heterogeneous material also well.
  6. metal, plastic, rubber , wood, inorganic materials and many other materials have good adhesion.
  7. a high thixotropy be coated even in the vertical plane , not prone to sagging