Nutt Hydraulic Brakes for E-Scooters/E-Bikes

$150.00 SGD

Nutt Hydraulic Brake for E-Scooters and E-Bikes

For Zoom brakes that come standard on the ZERO 10X and VSETT, please visit here

  • This is an optional upgrade for ZERO 9, 10, 8X, 11X, ZERO 10X E-Scooter but standard on the ZERO 10X Limited.
  • This brake set is pre-bled and uses mineral oil as the hydraulic fluid which is not included in the kit.
  • The old disc rotor can be used for this brake set so the rotors are not included. 
  • This set comes as a set of 2 brake levers and brakes calipers with electric brake cutoff sensors.

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    NUTT hydraulic e-brake system is a high end braking system made in Taiwan which provide more stopping power, are more durable, faster/more reliable and predictable pad retraction when releasing the brakes, and are virtually maintenance free (apart from worn pads).

    Normal braking systems require frequent maintenance – do away with all of that by upgrading to hydraulic brakes!

    As the Hydraulic system is sealed, dirt cannot get in to jam up the moving bits, making them virtually maintenance free (replace worn pads is about all need doing)! Hydraulic systems are also easier to set up and adjust.

    What exactly is a Hydraulic Brake and how is it different from the default mechanical disk brake?

    The default mechanical brakes use a cable to apply the brakes and just like with derailleur cables they can get stretched out and dirty which will affect braking performance. Mechanical brakes also don’t stop as good as hydraulic brakes, and some people even have issues with snapping cables on mechanical brakes or disc’s warping due to the smaller size of the disc in the default mechanical brakes.

    Hydraulic brakes use brake fluid and when you squeeze the brake lever it compresses the fluid and makes the brakes function. It also uses larger customized discs that are more resistant to warping. This method offers stronger and more reliable braking performance. Since hydraulic brakes are a sealed system you don’t have to worry about dirt and mud affecting your performance unless you get your pads dirty that is but that goes the same for mechanical brakes.

    How to install the NUTT hydraulic brakes onto the ZERO 10X:

    How to install the NUTT hydraulic brakes onto the ZERO 10:

    How to install the NUTT hydraulic brakes onto the ZERO 9:

    If you find that after a period of use, your hydraulic brake will lose bite and braking power. This could be due to several reasons: 1. brake pads are worn off 2. Hydraulic fluid is leaking 3. Air has seeped into the hydraulic chamber. 

    For reasons 2 and 3, you will need to rebleed the hydraulic hose to remove the bubbles to regain the braking power.

    Heres how to rebleed for brake maintenance: