N-Star Rugged Phone Holder for E-bikes E-Scooters with Sunshade

$39.00 SGD$45.00 SGD

N-Star Rugged Phone Holder with Adjustable Quick Grip and GoPro Ram Mount for E-Bike E-Scooters

The NStar Rugged phone holder for motorcycles, ebikes and scooters comes with a dual bolt head ball mounting arm allows the phone holder to rotate to any angle on all 3 axis. 

Secured by a U Bolt Screw which clamps onto the handlebar of almost any diameter (25.4mm to 31.8mm), the NStar phone holder is able to rotate upwards/downwards and sideways to give riders the best viewing angle and fit. 

Comes with a very handy sunshade that allows riders visibility on their phone screen during sunny days. 

Suitable for all ebikes and e-scooters. Price includes installation.

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The NStar motorcycle phone holder comes in 4 parts:

1. U-clamp for 2 different handlebar sizes: 25.4mm and 31.8mm

2. the double ball head clamp

3. the phone clamp

4. sunshade

Check out this demo video below: