Magura Right Side Adapter (For ZERO 10X and 11X)

$35.00 SGD

Right sided Adapter to fit NUTT or Magura Brakes

Magura / Shimano brake calipers are for left sided brake mounts. This adapter enables you to mount magura brakes on right sided hub rotors. 

Works for both ZERO 10X and ZERO 11X setup. 

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However, if you are adapting it to right side mounts, you would typically need a few other items to complete the installation:

1. Hydraulic rotor spacer

2. Magura BH60 Banjo bolt

3. A few spacers to lift the brake caliper

4. 160mm disc rotor

5. Royal Blood Brake fluid

Here is how to install it on the ZERO 10X:

Works for Magura on VSETT 10+ installation too:

magura brake installation on vsett 10+