Ji Move Ecodrive E-Bike Acrylic Side Panel

$130.00 SGD

JI-MOVE Ecodive E-Bike Acrylic Side Panel

Sporty Winged acrylic side panels for a variety of ebikes such as Ji MOVE MC PRO, Ecodrive, KOL MAX, Maximal X20 etc upgrade and modifications.

These side panels allow you to have many options for mounting lightweight pannier bags or turn signal lights with its mounting slots. 


Choose your own logo and customize it! Logo has to fit within 145mm x 30mm. Please select the custom option.

Mounting Options:

There will be holes already made in the side panelling.

You can either 1. screw them into the frame or 2. you can use velcro straps like in the picture below. 

How it looks like installed:

Accessories Options:

1. Panels with Turn Signal lighting:

2. With Built in LEDs