Immobilizer alarm for Inokim OXO

$75.00 SGD

Immobilizer Alarm For Inokim OXO

This immobilizer security system comes with an alarm and remote control system to turn on/off and disable the electronics of your electric bike and electric scooter.

Additionally, it has a motion activated alarm feature which will be activated when the scooter is tampered with or taken away. 

This device is design for the Inokim OXO specifically.

The immobilizer module can be hidden discreetly inside the deck compartment of the electric scooter so would be thieves will not be able to find it. 


Installation is easy but there will be a higher natural discharge on your OXO battery over a long period of time as the immobilizer will slowly drain the battery. As a precaution, you have to ensure that your battery is kept at least at 50% charge when kept in storage and not in use of a long period of time of more than 2 months.

Package includes:

1. 2 remote keys

2. One alarm

3. Wire harness (optional)

Simple Plug and Play Device, no soldering required

Watch the video below for instructions on how to install the immobilizer device and how the device works. 

If using the 2-in-1 immobilizer with the speed limiter, this 2-in-1 integrated setup will allow you to have a security alarm + remote on/off your OXO + speed limit/delimit your Inokim scooter with a touch of a button. 

This is how you would connect the 2-in-1 immobilizer+speed limiter:

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