Parallel Battery Wire Harness

Parallel Battery Wire Harness

$35.00 SGD

External Parallel Battery Wire Harness

Simple plug and play wire harness to connect 2 batteries of the same voltage together. 

Comes in 2 versions: XT60 (up to 60A) and XT90 (up to 90A)

All wires are labelled for easy connection.

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There are 2 models of wire harness:

  1. XT60 has a current limit of 60A. Suitable for ZERO 9 and ZERO 10X 52V and 60V.
  2. XT90 connectors have a current limit of 100A. Suitable for ZERO 11X and higher spec models.

If you are unsure how this harness works, do check out this video below:

Generally we recommend parallel wire harnesses be used to connect two batteries that are charged to roughly the same voltage levels. If you do not want the hassle, then use a parallel solid state switch.

Here is the reason why: