1Touch Biometric Lock

$95.00 SGD

The 1Touch is a Biometric Lock for your Electric Scooter - added safety feature. It adds on to the ignition control and works well with the key ignition. Unlike the immobilizer alarm, this biometric lock is purely a lock with no alarm. 

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This Biometric Lock is able to work independently, unlocking the unit when the registered fingerprint is scanned. You can now feel extra secure when parking your Electric Vehicle.

1Touch has a sleek design with a technology that switches on and lock the electric scooter unit with ease. It is able to store up to 14 fingerprints to access the unit.

Here is a demonstration of how the fingerprint module works:

How to set up your Biometric Scooter Lock:


IP Grade: IP67

Rejection Rate: <2%

Unlock Speed: <350ms

Operating Temperature: -40 to 85 deg C

Fingerprint storage: 12 unique prints

Colour: Black with Silver finish

Material: Aluminum

Operating Voltage: 36V to 60V (for 48V version, it will support 36 to 48V models; for 60V version, it will support 52 to 60V models); 72V version will come with a small DC converter box