12 Inch Extra Wide Fat Tire

$45.00 SGD

12 inch Tire Extra Wide Fat Tire for Fiido

Fat Tires for the 12 inch wheel hub. These tires are technically 13 and 14 inches in diameter. Do check that they will fit the width of your fork before purchasing. 

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Brand: CST Rhino Tire
Dimension: 12 x 2.75 (road), 13x3 inch (road), 12x3.5inch (all terrain)
Material: Rubber / Nylon

Upgraded Fiido with 12x3 inch tires fitted on stock Fiido fork:

And fitted on Extra Wide Fiido fork:

Our 12 inch wide tire is a more rugged puncture resistant 12 inch tire compared to other brands and models. It has a thicker ply rubber lining that will prevent punctures. 

Video tutorial on how to install the 14 inch fat tire: