10x3 inch Tire PU Filled Rubber Tire No Flat Puncture Proof Solid Tire

$38.00 SGD

10x3 inch Tire No Flat Puncture Proof PU Filled Rubber Tire 10 inch Solid Tire

This solid tire is speed rated to 55kmh.

Say goodbye to punctures on your e-scooter! With our PU filled TUOVT 10x3 inch wide tires, you will have the full experience of riding your e-scooter without puncture phobia.

Tested for 3000km at a speed of 50kmh, this TUOVT solid tire gives you the same performance as a regular TUOVT pneumatic tire without the endurance of a regular rubber tire.

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Important things to note before purchase:

  • Installation difficulty is easy with split rim motors like the ZERO 10X, VSETT10+. Installation is the same as with any other regular tire
  • You will experience a slight wheel speed loss and slight wheel slippage when you startup due to the heavier solid tire. 

Warnings for use:

  1. This solid tires will not be as comfortable as the pneumatic tires but due to the rubber outer layer, it will be of acceptable ride standard. Tires do not come with the wheel hub.
  2. Installation is required but easy.
  3. The road grip on these honeycomb tires are not as good as the regular air tires so be careful when navigating wet surfaces and bends
  4. Rims/wheels/motor NOT included (picture for representation only)


 Size 10x3 inch
Duro Hardness  70
Speed Rating 50kmh
Suitable for VSETT10+, ZERO 10X, Inokim OXO
Weight 1.5kg
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