UL2272 Trade-In Program


Future-proof your electric scooter by buying it from Falcon PEV. Electric scooters purchased in 2019 will get huge rebates when you trade them in to buy your next scooter from Falcon PEV.

Scooters traded in within 1 year of purchase from Jan 2019 will receive up to 40% rebate, scooters traded in after 1 year will receive up to 20%. Conditions apply.

With the Trade-in Program, you have the flexibility to buy a non-UL2272 certified scooter while you wait for certified scooters to be launched. You can recover up to 40% of what you paid when buying the new certified scooter.

The Singapore Land Transport Authority has announced that electric scooters without the UL2272 standard can only be used until the end of 2020. See the new rules in this article.


Terms and Conditions

  1. Only valid for electric scooters purchased from Falcon PEV Pte Ltd from 1 Jan 2019. Proof of purchase is required.
  2. The new scooter being purchased (“New Scooter”) must be of higher retail price than the paid price of the old scooter being traded in (“Old Scooter”).
  3. Trade-in value of Old Scooter is up to 40% within 1 year from date or purchase, and up to 20% after 1 year.
  4. Trade-in value cannot be used with scooters on promotion. Trade-in amount is deducted from USUAL PRICE of the New Scooter.
  5. Old Scooter must be in good working condition. If there are defect(s) or damage, the trade-in value will be reduced by an amount determined at the sole discretion of Falcon PEV staff.
  6. Falcon PEV reserves the right to accept or decline the trade-in at its sole discretion.