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Universal Tire Hugger Guard

$69.00 SGD

Rear Tire Hugger with Universal Bracket Now with rubber washers for shock absorption! And Rear LED...


Steering Damper Kit ZERO VSETT Fiido

$190.00 SGD

Steering Damper/Stabilizer Kit for ZERO VSETT Fiido Scooters

8 inch 10 inch Honeycomb Airless Solid Tire for ZERO VSETT New 8.5x2.6 Wide Honeycomb Tires...


ZERO Waterproof Pouch

$20.00 SGD

ZERO Battery Pouch with Battery Waterproof hardcase pouch for e-scooters. You can put your spare charger,...

E-Scooter E-Bike Immobilizer Alarm  This immobilizer security system comes with an alarm and remote control system...

Spare Parts

Rugged Folding Clamp (For ZERO)

$65.00 SGD

Rugged Folding Clamp for ZERO 8X 10X 11X Ultra thick folding clamp for the ZERO 8X,...


DNM Air Shock Suspension

$125.00 SGD

DNM Air Shock Suspension The DNM AOY-36RC XC/MTB/Trail/Cyclocross Bike Rear Shock has been fitted with a...


EC90 Carbon Fiber Handlebar Shed weight and increase comfort with this carbon handlebar. Can be installed...


Universal Licence Plate Holder

$55.00 SGD

Universal E-Scooter License Plate Holder Some countries, under their transport regulation, requires a licence plate to...


Nutt E-Brake Parts

$12.00 SGD

NUTT Hydraulic BRAKE Parts This Taiwanese-made ebrake sensor is mounted on the nutt hydraulic brake and...


ZERO Mudguard Extenders

$10.00 SGD

Universal Mudguard Extenders For Electric Scooters


Waterproof ZERO Battery Bag

$42.00 SGD

ZERO External Battery Waterproof Hardcase Our EVA hardcase battery bag is designed to be mounted on the front...

Mounting Rod for Rear Bracket Aluminium rod with bracket extender.


GUB Phone Holder

$18.00 SGD

Secure Universal Phone Holder for E-Scooters The GUB Phone Holder is the perfect universal phone holder...

Do you find your tires puncturing too often on the Inokim OX, ZERO 10X and Dualtrons? ...


Zero Electric Scooter Seat Post

$95.00 SGD

ZERO Adjustable Seat Post for all models 8, 9, 10, 10X

Showing 1 - 16 of 60 results