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Spare Parts

Rugged Folding Clamp (For ZERO)

$65.00 SGD

Rugged Folding Clamp for ZERO 8X 10X 11X Ultra thick folding clamp for the ZERO 8X,...


Waterproof ZERO Battery Bag

$42.00 SGD

ZERO External Battery Waterproof Hardcase Our EVA hardcase battery bag is designed to be mounted on the front...


ZERO Electric Scooters External Battery

$820.00 SGD $899.00 SGD

External Parallel Battery Setup ***For Export Only*** Calling all battery range extenders! Double your range with...


Selle Royal Cushioned Saddle Seat

$32.00 SGD

SELLE ROYAL Memory Foam Cushioned bicycle saddle seat R.e.Med (Recovery+Ergonomics+Medicine) Brand New Selle Royal 4309D Model...

Spare Parts

10 inch 1200W Motor for ZERO 10X

$179.00 SGD

10-inch Motor 1000W/1200W for ZERO 10X

Spare Parts

ZERO 10X Disc Rotor

$20.00 SGD

ZERO 10X 140mm Disc Rotor


Wuxing Electric Bike Throttle

$15.00 SGD

Wuxing Finger/Thumb Throttle for E-Bike and E-Scooters

Hydraulic Brakes for E-Bikes, ZERO 10 and INOKIM Quick This is an optional brake upgrade for ZERO...

Spare Parts

JI MOVE 36V Battery Detachable

$388.00 SGD

JI MOVE LC and MC 36V Battery Detachable $100 discount when purchased with a JI-MOVE MC This...

Magura MT8 SL HC Carbon Carbotecture Disc Brake Pair

Electric Bike

Magura MT7 PRO Hydraulic Brake

$295.00 SGD

Magura MT7 PRO MTB Disc Brake Building on the success and developments of its legendary Gustav...

FIIDO 14 inch Front Fork Suspension Front fork suspension to fit the high speed fat motor...

Spare Parts

ROGI MAX PRO E-Bike 48V 14Ah Battery

$560.00 SGD

ROGI MAX/PRO 48V 14Ah Samsung Rear Rack Battery $100 discount when purchased with a ROGI PRO! This is...

Spare Parts

11 inch Racing Slick Tires

$45.00 SGD

11 inch Tires for ZERO 10X EVO ZERO 11X 11x3.5 (90mm), 11x4.3 (110mm) inches racing slick...

Showing 1 - 15 of 15 results