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Electric Scooters

INOKIM Quick 3 E-Scooter

$999.00 SGD $1,599.00 SGD

Presenting the Inokim Quick 3 *Quick 3 36V 10.4Ah version: Limited units available. Falcon PEV is the...

Electric Scooters

Pre-owned INOKIM Quick 3 (Subject to availability)

$800.00 SGD $1,349.00 SGD

The INOKIM Quick 3 (2017) is the latest evolution in the World's most popular Inokim Quick...

Sold Out
Electric Scooters

Triad 750 [Seated 3 Wheel Electric Scooter]

$1,299.00 SGD

FOR EXPORT SALES ONLY Strictly Not For Use in Singapore. *Comes with a 1-YEAR LIMITED WARRANTY* Designed and...

Electric Scooters

GoPed 750H Hoverboard E-Scooter

$1,995.00 SGD

The Lithium-ion powered ESR750H is offered with several battery configurations to choose from. All GoPed Lithium...

Electric Unicycle

Ninebot Segway E+ E-Unicycle

$3,999.00 SGD

NINEBOT SEGWAY E+ Two-wheel Smart, Self-Balancing Scooter *Comes with a 1-YEAR LIMITED WARRANTY*   The Ninebot E+ is...

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Electric Bike

GoCycle G2R Electric Bike

$4,999.00 SGD $5,299.00 SGD

Gocycle -- the Smartest Folding Electric Bike The Gocycle Electric Bike designed by Richard Thorpe, who...

Showing 1 - 6 of 6 results