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Spare Parts

ETWOW / Zoom Air Kickstand

$35.00 SGD

Kickstand for Zoom Air or ETWOW e-scooters. Falcon PEV carries a whole range of factory original...


Abus Numero Coil 5510C Cable Lock

$50.00 SGD

The lock of 10,000 possibilities The Coil cable lock provides owner and his bikes with basic...


ABUS Coil Cable Lock 1150/120

$20.00 SGD

A lightweight and convenient cable combination lock that is quick and easy to use. Perfect to...


Abus 1950 Coil Cable Lock

$25.00 SGD

Abus 1950 Cable Locks Value for Money coil cable locks  TECHNOLOGY: 7.5 mm strong and very...

Showing 1 - 4 of 4 results