Do it Your Selfi

Everybody knows the Segway and how expensive and bulky it is. And if you missed our previous post about the tragic story behind the CEO’s death, you can read it here.

We discovered a DIY self-balancing scooter which we thought would make a nice home project for the tech geek in you. Named the Selfi, we are glad its more original than being called another XXX-way. Its a japanese DIY kit being sold by a japanese electronics website:

We can’t read japanese but it seems like alot of mechanical and electronic parts to us. With a gross weight of 30kg, its not lighweight unlike the iRobots or the robsteps. Specs wise, it seems to be comparable to the lower end Segway i2 SE/x2 SE models. However, it is a fraction of the price of the segway (which can cost between SGD 10-14k). The Selfi only costs 258,000 yen or SGD 3,200. Of course, that doesn’t take into account the hundreds of hours you will need to pour over the user manual to figure out the setup. That, however, may be part of the fun.

For those who are not inclined to take the DIY Selfi as a summer science project, you can check out the iRobot series here which is at the same price point but sold completely assembled. 

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