E-Bike Instalments Plan

Pay as low as $114 per month - up to 9 months | E Bike Cash Instalment Financing Scheme With us, now you can get your PAB right away and split your purchase into up to 9 months of repayment duration.

Repayment duration of 6 months and 9 months this joint effort would be the best option there is in the market.


E Bike Instalment price

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Why choose Falcon Pev instalment

1) No Downpayment Required

More often than ever, Cash Instalment plans has terms that chase potential customers away, so at Falcon PEV, we work towards the opposite and that is -

  • Up till 9 months of repayment scheme. (Lesser amount to be paid per month)

2) Fast Approval

With only 1 day approval time frame, you are able to collect your E Bike as soon as possible with no hassle and get your activity going!

Gone are the days where instalment plans are tied to just 3 - 4 payments. Most customers wants to avoid short repayment duration simply to avoid hefty payment to be made every month.

3) Smart Repair (Most important part of all)

Of course there are plenty of shops selling E Bikes in the market. From the local shops near you to another one that is reachable with 1 public transport option.

But let's face the truth, you would need good after sales support after your purchase. You would want someone easily contactable through Whatsapp if you have questions. On top of that all, you want a place that makes you feel safe, no worries if there is something wrong with your unit. We call this 'SMART REPAIR' - A service that gives you support (repair or enquiry) that is efficient, reliable and best way possible.

Falcon PEV is the place where we not only sell E Bikes, we do repairs too and that includes on-site repairs when you really need one.

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File:Apply-now-button.png - Wikimedia Commons