$99.00 SGD

TFT LCD 3.5" Display IPS Screen (for ZERO 10X Limited)

This TFT IPS Display is used on the ZERO 10X Limited and ZERO 10X EVO models.

Do note that this will not fit ANY controller. It is specially customised for the ZERO 10X Limited and EVO controllers.

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Check out how the TFT Full Color Display works:


 Dimension 11 x 6.5 cm (screen size 7.6 x 5.3cm)
Operating Voltage  24-72V
Rated Operating Current 40mA
Max Operating Current 100mA
Max output current to controller 100mA
Operating Temperature -20 to 70C
USB Charging Port 5V 500mA
Comm Protocol UART
Includes Rubber Spacers, Mounting Bracket;
Function Control button; Waterproof wire harness; Thumb Throttle
Excludes Brakes, controllers
User manual download here