External Controller Box

$180.00 SGD

Upgrade External Controller Box For ZERO and Fiido

Fits most upgraded 50A-70A controllers square wave YYK and Sabvoton Sinewave controller。 Fits nicely in the center compartment of the Fiido center console. 

Has 3 holes on each side for cable routing to the battery compartment. Electronic controllers sold separately!

If you require us to pre-install controllers, simply purchase the controllers separately and let us know to do the installation! 

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Controller Box without Load

Controller Box with Load

Depending on the weight of the rider, the clearance from the bottom of the controller box to the ground is between 9-12cm. You can increase ground clearance by tightening up the screw of your suspension. 

Internal Dimension: 420 x 117 x 52 mm

Material: Aluminum Alloy

Max Battery Size: 60V 14Ah (using LG MJ1 cells) or 60V 12Ah (using 21700 cells)

Max Controller Size: 2 x 50A High Speed Controllers

Includes 8 screws for securing the box into the chassis 


- Does not come with waterproof cable glands to prevent water ingress but can be ordered separately.

Shown below: