High Speed Controller Powerful BLDC

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High-Discharge High-Speed Controller

YYK controllers are the reliable workhorse square wave high speed controllers used in our upgraded Fiido e-scooters. They are relatively cheap and easy to use without much configuration needed. 

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Square Wave Controller Description

The YYK controller is a square wave high discharge high speed controller. Discharge current rates start from 50A all the way to 150A. And they can accommodate a variety of voltages from 48V to 72V or 100-120V. The YYK is a universal controller which is easy to wire up and to adapt to virtually any e-bike or e-scooter drive train.

Here is how the YYK square wave controller works:


Controller Configuration via Bluetooth App

Here is how to download your YYK app to configure the wide range of parameters to adjust the power, acceleration and speed of your new YYK powered Fiido e-scooter! 

Sinewave FOC Controller

Our sinewave FOC controllers are smoother and more efficient without sacrificing the torque and top speed of squarewave controllers. From launch, the sinewave foc controllers will feel more gradual and smooth whereas squarewave versions will feel more torquey and jerky.

We have available the 50A and 70A versions of the sinewave controller. 


48V-72v, max current 50A/80A/100A high powered brushless motor controller, voltage cutoff value is 42V, is suitable for 48v to 72v battery. Phase angle 120 degree. Install apps to your smart phone and use Bluetooth device available for setting the controller current, voltage, speed and other data.

50A Example Brushless DC Motor Controller
1 Controller Wave Type Square Wave Controller / Sinewave FOC
2 Available Battery Voltage 48V, 60V, 72V
3 Available Motor Power 1.5KW, 3.2kW
4 Phase Peak Current ( Few Seconds ) 280 A ( The bigger, the higher torque )
5 Current 50A, 80A, 100A Peak
6 Available Motor Type Hub Motor, Mid Motor, Speed Motor
7 Available Motor Angle 60 / 120
8 Working Frequency 15.6 KHz
9 Working Efficiency > 90%
10 Available Battery Type Lithium Battery ; Acid Battery
11 Available Motor Type ( With Hall Sensor ) Hub Motor; Speed Differential Motor; Mid Drive Motor
12 Control Method Throttle; Potentiometer (Customized )
13 Number of MOSFETS 36 Fets
14 Mosfets # IRFB 4115 / 220
15 Case Material Aluminium
16 Color Siliver  ( Color customization is available with mini order 200 pcs )
17 Available Working Temperature -30℃ to 100℃ ( As per surface of controller )
18 Temperature Protection 100 ℃
19 Brake Signal Input 0-5V; 12V (Customized )
20 Usage 1 Electric mobility Scooter, Bike, Tricycle, Light Car
21 Usage 2 ( Most is sensorless ) Water Pump, Air Compressor; Fans, Refrigater
22 App Bluetooth Programmable  Supports both of iPhone & Android
23 Android App Download address http://www.yuyangking.com/en/downs/7.htm
24 IPhone App ( Emotor /Yuyang King ) download App Store
25 Weight 2.5 Kgs
26 Dimension 340 * 117 * 60 mm
27 Waterproof Grade IP 65

Programmable Features:

  • Specially designed for electric bicycle, scooter etc.
  • Intelligence with powerful microprocessor.
  • 5V Sensor Supply Current: <30mA.
  • Standby Battery Current: < 0.5mA.
  • Hardware over Current Protection while Current over 100A – 110A.
  • Hardware over Voltage Protection while Voltage over 144V.
  • Configurable Fast Start 1-10 ,the bigger, the faster. This is higher priority than Soft Start. 
  • Configurable Soft Start 1-10, the bigger the number, the softer. 
  • Configurable Over Speed On / Off . Configurable Speed Ratio ( High Speed )  105 % – 120%. Configurable Low Speed Ration 10% – 80 %. Middle Speed is 100 % as Default. It cannot be configurable.
  • Adjustable Forward / Reverse. It is easy for motor assembling.
  • Adjustable Manual Cruise. It is workable with a switch to connect manual cruise wires of controller.
  • Adjustable Auto Cruise. It will enter cruise mode when same speed is kept for 8 seconds.
  • Configurable Speed Limited 30% – 60 % of full speed.
  • Configurable Reverse Speed Limited 10 % – 100 %.
  • Configurable Speed Limited from 30% – 60 % of full speed.
  • Configurable EBS Brake ( Regenerative ) 1 -10. The higher number, the stronger. It will not be used while the battery voltage above 72V to protect controller from damage.
  • Configurable Battery Current Limited ( A ) 50 % – 100 % of max current. The more lower, the more weaker.
  • Configurable Phase Current Limited (A ) 50 % – 100 % of Peak Current. The more lower, the more weaker.
  • Adjustable of Hall Sensor Phase Angle  – Option 60 degree / 120 degree.
  • Turn on / off ECO Mode, on this mode, one charger battery will be run longer.
  • Turn on / off Adj Accelerator Curve. It will be going to tremble. Please don’t use this feature for normal driver. It is for players only.
  • Turn on / off of Boost .  It is to the off road.
  • Configurable Low Voltage Threshold ( Low voltage Protection )  50V – 105V.
  • Turn On / Off Motor Lock. The motor will be locked if turn on it while the battery has power.
  • Turn On / Off Restore Factory Settings.

Motor Connection 

    If you have any issues with the controller to motor connection, do follow these steps to configure your motor to your high speed controller especially if you experience the motor jerkiness or motor not moving.