How to repair and maintain your MYWAY scooter

07 Jul , 2014

How To Repair and Maintain Your E-Scooter

As MYWAY/Inokim becomes more and more global, there has been many requests for us to expand on a series of self-guided instructional videos on how to fix, repair and maintain your MYWAY or Inokim e-scooter.

Here is a start. There will be more instructional videos to come over the next few weeks.

The Tools you will need are:
1. M3, M4, M5 Allen keys
2. Open end/ring wrench (spanner)
3. Electric screwdriver with M3 Allen key head (optional but helps a lot for battery removal!)

For more DIY tips and advice on how to service other e-scooters, subscribe to our youtube channel!

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