World’s First Modular Electric Scooter

World’s First Modular Electric Scooter

When the ZERO carbon fiber electric scooter first launched in Sept 2015, it broke the weight barrier for e-scooters. Most electric scooters at that time were made of aluminium alloy and hovered around the 10-12 kg weight limit for a power output of 250W and above. ZERO was essentially the first production carbon fiber escooter built and used by the masses. The lightweight-ness caught everyone by surprise.

When you thought nothing could top that, ZERO has announced the launch of the successor, the ZERO 2.0. Its touted as the World’s first most advanced modularly designed electric scooter.

What does that mean to you and I, the consumer? Other than having a fully integrated LED panel with integrated front and rear lights, what it really means is that any piece part of the ZERO 2.0 can be easily removed and replaced by ANYONE without anything more complicated than a screwdriver. Its really the IKEA of electric scooters.

Check out how easy is it below:

The ZERO 2.0 is currently available for SGD 999 at Falcon PEV.

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