The Singapore Bike Show 2016

Following iWheel4fun, another inaugural event that brought all 2 wheelers together was the Singapore Bike Show 2016 in August. Motorbikes of all types (vintage, powerbikes, dirt bikes etc.) along with bicycles and electric scooters were featured in this grand event. It was a highly anticipated event which opened to much fanfare given that it was the first bike show to be held in Singapore in years.

SgScooters were fortunate enough to be among the 50 exhibitors to witness a landmark event in the bike scene. 30,000 visitors came en mass to view the range of 2 wheelers on display and given that this was an inaugural event, the crowd was frenetically buzzing checking out the great deals and bargains on the latest models of 2 wheelers.


Enjoy some of the pics of the exhibitors and their wares!

This bike show also featured an outdoor show segment with internationally renowned stunt riders from Japan and the US like Aaron Twite. Here is what went down with the stunt bikers with their physically challenging maneuvers!

If you missed the Singapore Bike Show last year, be sure to check it out the 2017 edition as it is coming back stronger and bigger. There will be an even bigger stunt show and more great deals and promotions on all 2 wheelers!

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