Sneak peek of the INOKIM Quick 3

Sneak peek of the INOKIM Quick 3

All New Inokim Quick 3 Series

We at Sgscooters have word that the latest revision of the Inokim Quick series by MYWAY will be out sometime in Sept 2016. The Quick 3 follows the MYWAY Quick 1 and the Inokim Quick 2, both highly successful models which became the industry standard for a comfortable, rugged, reliable and elegantly designed portable electric scooter.

So what’s changed from the Quick 2?


First off, the Quick 2 had some tolerance issues in its structure. This isn’t so much a production fault, but a design fault. The design of the foldable handlebars on the Quick 2 gave way to too much freeplay in the folding mechanism. The permanent fix was to install Xtasy bars which have zero freeplay and hence performed like a rigid handlebar with the folding capability.

The Quick 3 has adopted the handlebar folding concept of the Inokim Light and removed the shakiness from the ride. Its basically a set of screws that holds the folding mechanism tightly in place and this has proven to be a rock solid mechanism during the initial implementation on the Light version.

Power and Batteries

Inokim is an evolution. The 3rd series is physically similar to its predecessor but it is in no way the same. At least the guts of it isn’t the same. Powered by high density Li Ion Samsung batteries, the basic model of the Inokim Quick 3 is equipped with a 10.4Ah battery pack to give the rider up to 35km per charge. This is an increase of 10 km from the Quick 2 basic model.


The upgraded model is equipped with a specially designed top end 48V geared brushless hub motor and its batteries deliver a whopping 48V 14Ah of charge. That gives you roughly a third more torque than the Quick 2 with the same distance per charge of 45km. What this means is that the Quick 3 can pull a heavier load up a steeper slope.


A common complaint of the Quick 2 was that the inbuilt lights both front and rear were too weak. Well, the Quick 3 has added more lumens into its integrated lighting system. Stronger front head lights (300 lumens) and a larger rear light and braking light makes night riding alot safer on the Quick 3.

There is a new smartphone app function for the Quick 3 available on iOS which allows the rider to configure a whole host of functions like setting the speed limit and disabling the electronic system via an software lock.


The Quick 3 brakes have been upgraded to the well respected Tektro braking system which the Inokim Light uses. With front and rear Tektro brakes and integrated bell, the Inokim Quick 3’s braking system is a significant and non-superficial upgrade to the Quick 2.


The Quick series are already well known to be one of the most weather resistant electric scooters on the market with tires that do not give way easily. The Quick 3 improves on that by having thicker, more puncture resistant tires that provide more grip on the road especially during wet weather. If you thought the Kenda tires on the Quick 2 were good before, the Quick 3 tires will look like tires on a humvee.


The Inokim Quick 3 starts at SGD$1499 is available now at Falcon PEV.

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