Review of the Deux Cruiser Hoverboard

We introduced a hoax hoverboard on our blog recently here. And wow, did it fool alot of people including us.

However, there isn’t anything thats fake about the newest craze to hit the world. Celebrities like Justin Bieber, NBA players and footballers have been getting in on the game on this new craze. It is also known by several names like the hoverboard, phunkeeduck, IO Hawk, Deux Cruiser and more. Heres what they look like:

The technology behind them is all the same. The basics include a gyroscopic sensor, dual hub motor controlled by a speed controller. However, the differentiating factor between these different self-balancing electric scooters is the battery and most electric vehicles nowadays use Lithium-based batteries.

The battery of an electric scooter is equivalent to the motor of a car. How the electric scooter performs is directly related to how good the battery is. Being the most expensive component in an electric vehicle, the Lithium battery determines the lifespan, autonomy (range), power and acceleration of the electric vehicle.

See the graph below to look at a chart that shows the degradation comparison between batteries of 2 different qualities: one a Samsung Lithium battery and the other a China-made Lithium-based battery. A good quality certified Lithium based battery (such as the one from Samsung) can last more than 4 times the lifetime of a poor quality Lithium battery. A good quality battery typically can last more than 2000 charge cycles while a cheap regular battery can only last 500 charge cycles.

The Deux hoverboard uses long lasting (>2000 charge cycles), fast charging (2 hours or less) Samsung Lithium batteries which extends the lifespan of your electric hoverboard and provides the smoother acceleration of your hoverboard compared to poor quality china made Lithium batteries that exists in many hoverboards on the market. That is why the certified Samsung Lithium based hoverboards can be guaranteed for at least one year.

Battery comparison for the Deux hoverboard

Battery comparison for the Deux hoverboard which uses Samsung batteries.

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